Larry Berfond Boca Black Box Center For The Arts

Larry Berfond
Boca Black Box Center For The Arts
Sept 2017

We at Boca Black Box wanted to tell you how excited we were to present your wonderful tribute, Top of the World: A Carpenters Tribute on our stage. We host a minimum of twenty tribute acts here along with Grammy winners, full concert orchestras and top name Vegas comedians like Andrew Dice Clay yearly, and your show was every bit as impressive from the moment you took our stage.

The thoughtful process of which you presented The Carpenters works was in fact a tribute not only in name, but with your explanation of both the times that surrounded the compositions and the arranging by Richard and the beautiful Multi textured voice of Karen. Both ends of the Carpenters spectrum were well represented with your show.

The music of the Carpenters by yourselves with your wonderful renditions were perfectly true to the recordings by your more than capable musicianship, and as I said before the voice of Karen by Debbie were ever mindful of Karen’s sound from the first note, also being backed up so beautifully by your two backup singers. Now, when your female singer took out her trumpet and joined the wonderful sax/keyboardist, we were floored. You don’t often see a background singer not just play some percussion but actually add those extra licks that were required. Lastly the orchestrations were also laid out so well by your guitarist, partner who must have been dreaming of these moments as each and every song seemed to flow from his guitar and your wonderful bass player.

We hope that you save a spot on your busy touring schedule to come back and visit us real soon. You have made many new fans right here in Boca!