Tiffany Delit

Visual Technical Director

Tiffany Delit creates visual and experiential storytelling that amplifies event experiences and delivers unforgettable visual encounter engaging people throughout the event or performance. She applies her Wow Factor to audience experiences and specializes in creative direction, special event production and business development at local, roadshow, international and non-profit events and productions.

Tiffany is CEO/President of CreateCo. LLC, she ignited her “show fever” when launching a foundation concert for a local entrepreneur, from concept to implementation – directing “Be My Jazzy Valentine -Concert of Hope” with Gerald Albright & Bobby Caldwell. Because she loves what she does, Tiffany dedicates her spare time volunteering, helping to design and construct props and other visuals for public school and local theater productions.

She is a south Florida resident and transplant from the northeast after moving from New Jersey to South Florida. Tiffany holds a B.S. in Marketing Management, minoring in International Marketing from Florida Atlantic University.

Tiffany is blessed to be working, watching and listening at every TOTW show with the remarkable Debbie Taylor and her gifted band.